Pure Sine 2 Urban Synth Expansion


This is Version 2 of the old version revamped for Pure Synth® Platinum FREE player. You can unlock this expansion from within Pure Synth® Player without the need for any additional sounds.

Pure Sine Urban Synth contains the most popular urban sound known to man: A simple sine wave. But the things you can do with this sine wave is amazing. The key is those urban sine leads and portamento pitch-shifting pad sounds when you play chords. Not only does this have "that" sound, but the warmth and programming of it is amazing. We've also added some other waveforms, EPs, Pads, and Strings to stack with the sine wave, for that super urban pad that us gospel and urban producers love so much.

Pure Sine Urban Synth is the ultimate urban synth sound. Yes, it is just a simple sine wave, but oh what a sound it can make. Sometimes it's not the simplicity of the sound, rather, it's how the sine is used. We have specifically programmed Pure Sine with the intent of producing the classic urban, R&B, and pop sound that you hear on the radio. We can't even begin to tell you how many musicians have sent us mp3 clips asking how to produce this classic urban sound. So what we did was not only add the classic sound, but we stacked it with the most amazing string and electric piano sounds to make it the sound you will probably use on every record or song.