Frequently Asked Questions

I can't login to my account.

See Video Here: showing a complete activation from beginning to end. 

My product stopped working

For more features and better reliability, we have switched to a new software licensing system which requires you to download the newest version of the software. See video here on how to download your products.

How do I Download My Product and/or Obtain My Serial Number?

See Video Here: showing how to access your downloads and your serial numbers

I don't see my product(s).

If you don't see your product, then either you are not using the same email address that you used when you purchased or you purchased from one of our partners. In the case of a partner purchase, you need to fill out the Registration Form Here.

I can't purchase product.

 I don't have access to my email.

If you do not have access to your email anymore, then please fill out the change of account form here.

How do I download samples?

See Video Here: showing how download sample content from one of our GM apps.

How do I activate my expansions?

See Video Here: showing video on how to activate my expansion pack for GM products and MIDIculous.

How do I install my UVI Product?

See Video Here: showing video on how to install your UVI product. These products install differently from GM products and requires iLok authorization.

How do I reset my activations?

If you got a message stating that you used up all of your activations and you need to reset your activations, then go to My Products area and click the red RESET button.

Still Having Issues?