Soloing Techniques Volume 1

Learn the Art of Urban Soloing for Beginners

  • For Beginners (1-3 Years)

  • Overhead and virtual keys view

  • Includes MIDI files.

This is the #1 most requested DVD. Volume 1 focuses on scales and soloing essentials for beginners. You will learn the basics of soloing as it relates to scales, proper fingering, modes, and soloing over chords. You will learn the phattest jazz, funk, neo-soul, and gospel licks that you hear from your favorite artists.

Urban Soloing Techniques Volume I is an amazing improvisational soloing DVD for gospel, neo soul, jazz, and R&B styles. You are probably sick of playing the same chords and doing the same few runs and tricks that you find so mundane. Well now you will be able to spice up your playing with an arsenal of solos, licks, tricks, runs, riffs, and phat improvisational techniques. Urban Soloing Techniques Volume I is slated for the beginner to intermediate keyboard player. We will teach you the basics of soloing as it relates to scales, grace notes, fingering techniques, and ear training. Most importantly, we are giving you all of the important tools that you can use in today's music, which will keep you contemporary and not "old-school" sounding. Many of the licks and tricks are taken from very popular gospel runs and jazz improvisational riffs that you hear in your favorite jazz and gospel artists. Look no further! This is the DVD you need to FINALLY phatten up your playing and take your chops to a whole other level.