Urban Drumming Techniques

The Ultimate Urban Drumming Masterclass for Beginners

  • Overhead Drum View

  • Kick Drum view

  • SPD-S Pads lessons

  • Full Band

Urban Drumming Techniques DVD, featuring J-LaToiya is one of the most sought after DVDs for beginner drummers. If you are a drummer just starting out and you are looking to take your skills to the next level, then this DVD is just the right level for you. With J-LaToiya's extensive drumming resume and industry experience, she is able to impart real world gigging techniques and share the music industry's most coveted secrets. This DVD is full of licks, chops, tricks, practice regimens, and a ton of demonstrations with a live band. The teaching examples are done very slow and with a plethora of redundant do-overs to make sure you actually learn something and not just be entertained with a bunch of licks and chops. More importantly, she spends a lot of time explaining why she does what she does, with an extreme emphasis on placement, timing, and tasteful chopping. Furthermore, J-LaToiya talks about technical aspects of gigging and industry experience on how to land a top gig. 

 If you are a drummer who is serious about his or her craft, then this DVD will help launch you to the next level of skill and professionalism.