The Real Deal Hammond B3

This is your classic, down-home churchy DVD that will give you that complete gospel flavor. This DVD is old school shed style, where you stand behind an organist and watch the chords as he shows you each note that is played.

  • For Beginners Plus (3-Years or More)

  • Overhead View

  • Digital Downloads Only

They spell out the chords and display them on the screen as well. This is my number one recommendation for beginners. This is a perfect video for beginners. For someone who just want to get started playing the organ. This video will show you all the chords and even outline them on the screen for further reinforcement. As young musicians, we all got started out this way. But now in the times we live in, people are so busy and it's hard for someone just getting started to find someone who will take the time to show them. These videos offer a supplemental solution to your burning desire to play. We all learned this way, but now through media and the internet you have several of options. Message from producers: "We got sick and tired of Videos that claimed to teach you how to play, but only showed the musician "show off". We have Pastors, Children and Little Old Ladies learning from this video. You will get your money's worth from this product. I highly recommend this video for any beginner or anyone wanting to learn new styles."