Rached 808 Subs


Rached 808 is just what the name implies. It is a nasty, dirty, and raunchy, 808 library for Pure Synth® Platinum that represents the highest quality in 808 subs and bass sounds. The library contains 50 presets of the ugliest and fowl sounding 808s. We used a lot of pitch mod and distortion to give you that classic 808 nastiness that you hear on the radio in todays music. In fact, 80% of our presets are re-creations from top trap artists and chart topping hip-hop songs. Finally, what is most impressive, is that this library is almost all exclusively pure synthesis. Hardly any samples were used at all. So please don’t waste your money on dedicated 808 plugins. If the synthesizer is a complete synth like Pure Synth®, then all of the electronic sounds you could ever need can be created with Pure Synth®. This just goes to show you the amazing power of Pure Synth®. Platinum as a synth powerhouse.