Urban Worship Play by Ear 2

Add More Full and Phat Chords from Version 1

  • Made for Beginners

  • Overhead Virtual Keys View

  • Includes MIDI Files

Urban and Contemporary Worship Play by Ear Volume 2 is an amazing extension to our most popular Urban Worship Play by Ear. Now that you have a foundation established as it relates to the number system, chords, and progressions, it is now time to take your playing to the next level. Now it's time for you to learn the fundamentals of making your playing sound more full, phat, and flavorful. In Urban and Contemporary Worship Play by Ear Volume 2 you will learn the secrets behind alternate voicings, substitutions, advanced progressions, grace notes and most importantly, a ton of passing tones. All of these tools and concepts are the hidden secret tricks that differentiates one musician from another. You ever see a musician seem to play the same chords you play, but for some reason his playing sounds more full? Or have you ever heard a musician back up a singer and he was able to play all kinds of embellishments and chord changes that sound really phat? Well, that is because that musician built a vocabulary of chords in which to pull from. Your problem is not that you cannot play, it's that you need more chords in your vocabulary. That's what Volume 2 is all about! This DVD will build your vocabulary of phat chords, progressions, and passing tones in order to help you sound more professional and more phat. As a special treat, we will begin to introduce you to the tritone as well. Once you have the vocabulary, you will be able to pull from a plethora of nice chord changes and special nuances that will change the way you play instantly.