Neo-Soul Suitcase EP

Sounds for the XS/XF/MOXF/Montage/MODX

  • Same Suitcase Samples as Desktop

  • 16 High Quality Presets

  • Key Release Mechanical Noises

  • Works with Montage/MODX

  • Requires 500MB of RAM or FLASH

  • Digital Download Only

  • Sounds for Yamaha Keyboards Only


After launching the first version of our EP for the Motif about a year ago, we were able to get our feet wet by sampling a Mark I we had in our own studio. It sounded amazing, but it was not the same as the newer Suitcase we sampled, which we brought to the Kontakt version. So you know we had to bring the same exact Kontakt version to the Motif as well. This library is exactly 500MB of the same exact samples from the Kontakt version. Best of all, each volume slider will control each element of the samples, such as sustain, bark, tine, key-up, key-down, and most important release notes. Now instead of lugging your computer around and worrying about buffer sizes, and processes, you can just simply load your samples into your Motif and it would be as if you have a real Mark I Suitcase library right inside of your Motif. And for you XF owners, you can simply load the samples into your FLASH and now you have the best sounding Electric Piano sound on the market.