Drummer's Shed Traxx Vol. 1
  • 5 Drumming Shed Tracks

  • BPM's Embeded in Apple Loops™

  • Separate Instruments

5 of the Hottest Gospel Shed Tracks for Urban Drummers


Many times drummer's ask us all the time to give them some tracks to jam too. Many drummers want to be able to jam out with a track and be able to practice their chops. Gospel Shed Traxx Volume 1 is made up of 5 high quality tracks that will keep the drummers shedding for a while. The beauty of these tracks for drummers is that you will get a chance to jam out with a full band, without having a band with you. This way you can get all of the chopping, and licks out of your system for when you need them later. This is how drummers get better--by shedding and when you don't have anyone to shed with, then you can always load up some hot tracks and shed to these.