CloudVerb Creatmospheric

Absolutely, the most beautifully crafted Shimmer-like reverb with long evolving and creatmospheric tails. You put this reverb on anything and it will immediately transform the sound into an evolving atmospheric soundscape.

  • The Ultimate Creatmospheric Reverb

  • 55 Custom Presets

  • Requires GM iFX Rack Full Version

  • Does not work with NSK iFX Rack

  • Immediately Unlocks After Purchase

  • iOS Version Only available on AppStore


For a long time we have been waiting to find the best Shimmer-type of reverb in order to create evolving landscapes of colors and sounds. Well, we finally were able to create the most unique and special reverb tone as an iFX Rack Expansion. You can slap this reverb on anything and out of the gate it instantly transforms any sound into a lush, warm, and evolving soundscape. The tail is extremely long, but doesn't muddy itself when playing a lot of notes. The only way to describe it is that it literally sounds like wind, sky, clouds, and oceans all in one. This is one of the most exciting effects modules we have created.

We also didn't spare the amount of control we have allowed. We completely packed the interface full of controls, so that you have virtually unlimited ways in which to craft your sound.

Please note that this expansion requires the FULL version of GM iFX Rack. If you purchased NSK Studio 2 and the FX Expansion then GM iFX Rack is FREE for you and you can use the expansions.