Church Service Essentials

Learn Down Home Churchy Chords

  • Learn the Churchy Chord Side of Gospel

  • Learn Devotional Song Patterns

  • Learn gospel talk music

  • Learn the patterns to shout and backing up a preacher

  • Scrolling Sheet Music with overhead  and lit keys

Church Service Essentials is designed to guide you through an entire church service, from devotional service all the way to benediction. For those of you who have been struggling to get through a good old fashion foot stompin' church service then this DVD is designed for you. This DVD is specifically tailored for the intermediate keyboard player as we take our time and go really slow. Furthermore, we spend almost a whole hour on left hand bass and right hand coordination with tons of practice exercises to help increase your speed. As an added bonus for intermediate we have added the addition of scrolling sheet music and virtual chord names. From the beginning to the end of church service, this DVD will give you all the essential chords, hymns, and progressions needed to play on Sunday morning.