The #1 Music Learning Software for Teachers and Musicians

Depending on the version you choose, MIDIculous allows you to learn from media files, create lesson files for students, display virtual instruments to YouTube, and display musical widgets to OBS and Zoom for virtual lessons. No other software has this many features for students and teachers. 


Choose your Version

  • Load lesson files

  • Play keyboard

  • Play sounds

  • Display instruments

  • Play MIDI Files

  • Play Audio Files

  • Play Video Files

  • No DAW Support

  • No Detach Support

  • Unlocks all features
  • Detach instruments

  • Loads as a plugin

  • Create lesson files

  • Access 61/49 keys

For Version 3 Customers

Time to Upgrade

If you own version 3 Pro or Player, then you will receive an automatic discount for updating to  any of the newest version 4 expansions. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which version is best for me?

It depends on what you are using the software for. If you are strictly searching the internet for MIDI, audio, and video files to learn from, then Player version would suffice, but anything other than that, then we recommend the Pro.

Is there a discount if I own Version 3?

Yes! Just login to your account and our system will automatically recognize your previous purchase and apply the discount. 

If I purchase the desktop, will I get the iOS for FREE?

Unfortunately, there is no connection between the online store and the iOS store. If you want the iOS version, then you will need to purchase that separately. 

What is your return policy?

Due to the nature of the product, we cannot offer satisfaction refunds, due to the plethora of video demos of the sounds. We do, however, offer refunds if you just can't get the product running on your system.

Is your software compatible with M1 natively?

Our software does work with the M1 Mac in Rosetta mode, but it is does not have native M1 support. We do, however, have plans for this in the future.