Download Issues


Usually download issues are associated with one of the following issues that may be blocking access to our servers:

  1. Please make sure you are connected to the internet
  2. Turn off all Virus Protection and Internet Security
  3. Make sure you don't have any Proxy Servers, Firewalls, or VPNs blocking. 
  4. Please try to download just one asset at one time as per the video below. Do not Click the Download All. Only download one asset at a time. 


If this still does not work, then please try the following the instructions and the video below.

  1. Run the Web Diagnostic tool Here and copy/paste the URL test and send it to us via the Contact Form
  2. Please also send us the Log Files as per the attached animation.

ios customers

There are two main reasons why your download is not working:

1. You actually do not have enough space on your device and the downloads are being stopped.

2. Your device is underpowered and it is crashing, because the RAM is being depleted. Please see specs below:

> 2GHz ARM Processor Recommended - iPad Pro 12.9 and 9.7 in, iPad 5th Gen, iPad Pro 12.9 in. (Gen 2), iPad Pro 10.5 in., iPad 6th Gen, iPad Pro 11 in., iPad Pro 12.9 in. (Gen 3), iPad Air (Gen 3).

> iPhone 6s and higher - iPhones with at least 2GB RAM Supported Only