Authorization issues

We noticed that you are having issues authorizing your software. Please read the FAQ below and follow the instructions on authorizing your GM product.


Frequent Authorization Issues

Serial Number Not Valid

One of the main reasons why the serial number is not valid is because you are trying to authorize a Gospel Musicians brand product using the UVI authorization method. As of 2018 all GM products (Neo-Soul Keys, BASSalicious, FM TiNES 2, MIDIculous 4, etc..) are all authorized using a standard serial number system. Please see detailed videos below:

All Detailed Video Demonstrations:

1. How to access my products and download the installer - VIDEO HERE.

2. How to Download the FREE Player and Download the Program - VIDEO HERE.

3. How to Download Software, Activate Expansion, and Download Samples - VIDEO HERE.

4. How to Extract Files - VIDEO HERE

5. How to Download Samples Only - VIDEO HERE.

You Already Registered this Serial Number

This error occurs when you are trying to register your iLok authorization more than once. Once you transfer a license to an iLok or Machine, it is permanently locked. Usually this error occurs, when you purchased a long time ago and forgot that you already authorized it to your iLok. In this case, you need to login to your iLok License Manager and use the SAME EXACT iLok username that you used to sign up. Your authorization will only appear there.

This license is registered to another user

This could be an error on our end, where we, or another partner, sent you an authorization that has already been used, or you already registered a long time ago using a different iLok user ID and you are trying to re-register, but maybe forgot that you already registered using a different ID. Once you authorize with iLok, it is locked to that ID, so it is important that you remember the ID you used to register.

I don't have Access to my Machine/iLok or I lost/broken my iLok

Although we are the owners of the library, we are licensing the engine from UVI; as a result, we do not have access to any of the licenses, nor can we reset your licenses. Please go to the UVI Website and contact their support to reset your authorizations.