Urban Bass Techniques

The #1 Urban Bass Instructional Video for Beginners

  • Designed Specifically for Beginners

  • Virtual Bass and Finger View

  • Virtual Chord and Note Display

  • MIDI Files Included


Urban Bass Techniques is designed to do one thing: Take your bass playing to another level. This DVD is geared specifically for the beginner to intermediate bass player as Ivan Santiago exposes very specific and secret urban bass techniques that will completely change the way you play. From gospel to neo soul, Ivan shows you the top industry’s secret tricks of the trade. You will learn things such as theory, scales, proper fingering along with very important bass techniques such as slapping, popping, fretting, harmonics, and “ghost notes.” You will even learn the very secret techniques to “slugging” as it relates to neo-soul music. As an added bonus we even have the patented LMS technology that allows you to notes, and chords being played with the virtual bass right on the screen. Ivan covers all aspects of urban bass playing and you can be assured that all of the techniques are HOT and can be applied immediately. This is the ultimate urban bass DVD you need to take your bass playing to another level.


Scales – Learn the most important scales needed when playing the bass. No other instrument has the sole responsibility for holding the foundation of the chords like the bass, so knowing your scales are paramount. Ivan teaches the basics of the major, minor and the every so needed blues scale.

Who is this for?

his DVD is for those who already play, but you are looking for some new techniques, runs, riffs, or tricks to take your bass playing to another level. I’m sure you can recall those moments when you the light just suddenly came on—where you learn just one movement, lick, or concept and it totally changes the way you play the bass. We call those monumental moments. Well, what if you could purchase an instructional bass DVD with about 20 monumental moments? Can you imagine how much your bass playing would increase? This is the purpose of the Urban Bass Technique—to give you all of Ivan’s secret licks, tricks, and techniques to create an arsenal of monumental moments that will change you bass playing forever.

Industry Tricks of the Trade

You ever listen to another bass player? You know the notes and riffs that he is playing, but you ask yourself why does this guys playing sound way different from mine, even though we are playing the same notes? The reason is: TECHNIQUE! Two different bass players can play the same notes and sound different. This is because a more experienced bass player knows the little tricks and nuances that can make you sound professional and polished.